What do you want to remember from your wedding day?

I photograph weddings from an insider’s point of view. I get to know you both before your wedding day so that I'm not just the photographer, but instead, someone with a vested interest in telling your wedding story.

I'm a three-time winner of Connecticut Photographer of the Year, twice earning Connecticut and New England Best in Show for Client designed Wedding Albums, three Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection Prints, recipient of 7 Connecticut and New England Court of Honors Awards, 3 time winner of the Kodak Gallery Award Wedding Image, 2 time Fuji Masterpieces for Prints awards and several other wedding album and print awards.

I don’t photograph for the awards, but I welcome judgment by my peers so that I can produce the best possible wedding images and albums for you.

I photographed wedding's in New England, NYC, Long Island and Northern New Jersey